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Specialists in the development, installation and maintenance of fully integrated high-quality vehicle CCTV solutions

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Precision Vision CAMERAS

Heavy Duty 1080P Camera

Heavy Duty 1080P Camera

Bullet Camera 1080P

Precision Vision Packages


Waterproof 4CH 1080P Vehicle DVR Recorder with GPS

8CH 1080P HD Vehicle Mobile Digital Video Recorder H.264 DVR

Do you want a perfect fleet management solution? Do you want to know whether your driver drives illegally? Or how to provide accurate evidence for traffic accidents, theft, or avoid fraudulent insurance claims etc? Then you need a Precision Vision solution.

Precision Vision specialises in the development, installation and maintenance of fully integrated high-quality vehicle CCTV solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of DVR packages, Cameras, Mirrors & Monitors, Wireless and In-Dash systems. Along with Digital Video Recorders, Precision Vision can also help with Beepers & Alarms, Cables, Mounts, Accessories and more. With extensive knowledge in the commercial vehicle industry, plus strong relationships with long-term clients, we know the issues fleet operators are faced with. A Precision Vision solution will ensure that your insurance premiums will be reduced, company assets are protected, and improved driving & driver behaviour will occur. A Precision Vision solution gives peace of mind as you monitor your fleet’s performance with ease.

Precision Vision’s products can stand up to the rigours of virtually any commercial and/or industrial application. From delivery vans to heavy duty mining equipment and everything in between – Precision Vision have a vehicle camera system or rear-view camera that will enhance the safety, security and protection not only of your vehicle – but the occupant as well.

Whether it’s vehicle cameras to help your fleet of cars, SUV’s, buses, trucks, earth moving equipment etc., Precision Vision have the technology that can aid in reversing and dealing with blind spots, help prevent accidents, save you money and motivate best driver practice.